Message from Chairperson

Dear CSI Members,

I am thankful to CSI members who elected me as Chair person for the year 2020-21.

I am honored to have taken over the charge of CSI Bangalore Chapter as Chairperson along with our Office Bearers, Management Committee Members, and Nomination Committee Members.

As you all know that, CSI is constantly working with a motto of knowledge dissemination to IT professionals from Industry as well as Academia.

CSI is a connecting platform between Industry and Academia.

To quote the excerpts from “We are still in the midst of Industry 4.0, where manufacturing has taken on the label of “smart” through the integration of the IoT, AI, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Cloud and Cognitive Computing. The basic principle behind the fourth industrial revolution is that by chaining machines, intelligent devices, and systems, manufacturers are creating smart networks throughout the value chain (from materials to production) that can control each other.

It’s amazing to know that technological advancements continue to grow at an incredible speed—so much so that Industry 5.0 can already be seen on the horizon, which according to some tech visionaries will bring an increased human touch back to manufacturing. Therefore, where Industry 4.0 put smart technology at the forefront of manufacturing, 5.0 will be increased collaboration between humans and smart systems. Marrying the two will merge the high-speed accuracy of industrial automation with the cognitive, critical thinking skills of humans”.

A special emphasis needs to be given towards helping Farmers who are the backbone of the country with the technological inventions to help them in all aspects.

Current situations demand solutions for Health and Family welfare. Technological advancements should provide solutions for the needy in maintaining a balanced life in the society.

CSI BC also promotes research activities through Conferences/Journal publications. I welcome all the researchers, scientists and scholars to contribute their research work through our events.

I request committee members and CSI champions to plan Conferences, Workshops, Seminars etc., and I request CSI life members and students to join this mission and contribute for building better Society with the help of Technology.

All we need to do is keep an open mind and work collaboratively.

Thanking you all,

With Warm Wishes,

Dr.Nalini N