Message from Chairperson

Dear CSI Members,

I am grateful to all CSI members for electing me as Chairman, Bangalore chapter for the year 2021-22.

I am privileged to be accompanied by able Office Bearers, Management Committee Members, and Nomination Committee Members.

As always, CSI works in line with its core objective of Information Technology knowledge dissemination to IT professionals, Industry verticals and Academia.

CSI as a professional platform strives to minimize the skill gaps between Industry and Academia through various technical programs.

First and foremost, I presume all our members are safe in current Covid-19 pandemic situation. It’s my humble request to all follow Covid-19 safety protocols and stay home, take good care of health and support nation in curbing the pandemic.

Covid-19 Pandemic continue to disrupt even the year 2021. Enterprises are forced to go aggressively on Digitalization in reaching the business goals. It’s our responsibility in supporting enterprises and Academics to be agile in skill development and prioritizing the automation focus. In order to adapt to the current needs of Industry and nation, we at CSI BC have formed dedicated focus groups to support the needy industry and Institutions, groups are; Digitalization for Health Sector, Digital Banking, Education Policy 2020, Cyber security and Defense. Focus groups will be driven by the well experienced IT leader.

As we all know mobility is a big concern today. Hence, it’s important for all of us in CSI Bangalore management committee, with help of Entrepreneurs and academia to launch very relevant technology events such as AI, ML, 5G, cyber security and end to end solutions to address the concerns of Health Sectors reaching rural community, ensure safe ONLINE banking transactions, complying to the National Education Policy 2020 etc.

Lastly, I request and count on my committee members and CSI champions to plan Conferences, Workshops, Seminars etc., and I request CSI life members and students to join this mission and contribute for building better Society with the help of Technology.

Thanking you all,

With Warm Wishes,

Dr. Shrishail K Angadi