One day Workshop on Lean Operations by Mr. Dilip Chaterjee

Saturday 07 October 2017, 09:30 - 17:30

One day Workshop on Lean Operations by  Mr. Dilip Chaterjee


For actively involving in the workshop the participants need to know some information about the company they are representing, like

A) Design features of their product and what their customers desire to possess in it, know your customer.

B) The business problem in their company, as an isolated case or engulfing the entire company. 

C) The flow process of their business, 

D) Cost breakup of the product, in general, 

E) Lead time relevant to your product.

F) Performance indicators of their company with respect to process if any,

The information need not be accurate; can be approximate, required to formulate an action plan.

Please find the Document below

R 1 Final Workshop Templete

Location CSI-BC Premises, Bangalore