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March 4th and 5th, 2022 

Theme - Atmanirbhar Bharat - Artificial Intelligence – A unique Synergy between IT and Defense

Please find the Documents below

ITD-2022 - Summary

ITD-2022 - Report

Location:  Bangalore

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Online Conference on IT in Defence

Jan 2020

Location:   Bangalore



Application of Formal Methods for safety and Security of Critical Systems

Monday 26 February 2018

Theme - 

Obtaining high assurance on safety and security of computing systems is critical in today's world that is increasingly becoming dependent on such systems for critical functions. The aim of this workshop is to bring together scientists and engineers working in the theory and application of formal methods for safety-critical systems. The workshop also provides a forum to generate awareness regarding practical application of formal methods

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Press Release


Location:   Amrita School of Engineering,Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,Amritapuri.

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ITD 11th National Conference on I.T. in Defence 2017-18

From Thursday 11 January 2018 

To Friday 12 January 2018 

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Globally, the Defence technology is going through major innovations to face environmental challenges in security. Hence, bringing better Defence solutions at an affordable price is the need of the hour. Given the global nature of the issues, CSI BC has transformed the format of ITD. We have invited a country partner to share their experiences. The program is conceived with inputs from very senior advisors from forces, DRDO labs and former diplomats well versed with our neighbouring countries.

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ITD brochure

Programme schedule

Registration Form


Registration Form

Location:  Vivanta By Taj, MG Road, Bangalore

Contact: 94489 05268

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Faculty Development Programme (FDP) for faculties of Engineering Colleges 

From Friday 11 August 2017 -  09:00

To Saturday 12 August 2017 - 17:00

We are organizing a Two day Faculty Development Program under Special Interest Group on Formal Methods, Computer Society of India. The event is sponsored by KBITS, hosted by RVCE, ISE Dept.

Theme - Advances in Computing Tools & Technology [ACTT]

Please find the Documents below

01.    Invitation

02.    Inaugural Agenda

03.    Hands on Session with Speakers profile

04.    Registration form

Location:  ISE Seminar hall, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore - 560059

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Dear Colleagues,

As you know POPL, the premier ACM conference in programming languages is coming to India in 2015. POPL 2015 will be held in TIFR Mumbai. Dave Walker from Princeton is PC chair, Paritosh Pandya from TIFR is local chair, and I am functioning as General Chair. This is a great opportunity for researchers working in formal methods, program analysis, model checking, type systems, compilers, and programming languages to participate in POPL.

There are also several collocated events:

  • CPP : Certified Programs and Proofs (12-14 January)
  • CoqPL : Coq for Programming Languages - A Coq users and developers meeting (18 January)
  • OBT : Off the Beaten Track: New Frontiers for Programming Languages Research (18 January)
  • PEPM : Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (13-14 January)
  • PLMW : Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop (14 January)
  • VMCAI : Verification, Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation (12-14 January)
  • PLVNET : Programming Languages and Verification Technology for Networking (12 January)
  • WEPL : IMPECS-POPL Workshop on Emerging Research and Development Trends in Programming Languages (18 January)

Thanks to generous support from ACM India, Persistent, Xerox India, IARCS, Flipkart, Microsoft Research India and TCS, we are able to offer scholarships (discounted rates) for registrants from India. Any one residing in India is eligible for the discounted rates. We only have a limited number of scholarships, so we want to first advertise to the active research community in India in this area to apply. Registration is now live at:

Please register yourself soon, and also please ask your students to register and avail the scholarship/discount opportunity. In 2 weeks (around Sep 23), we will broadly advertise to email lists, so please make sure you and your students register by then, so that we don’t run out of scholarships (we are offering scholarships on a first-come-first-served basis, after checking that the registrant is indeed interested in POPL). Please forward to other research groups who will be interested in POPL.

Please register now and the website will say that your dues are the usual rates( $500 or so for ACM/SIGPLAN etc), and please don’t pay now. Please make sure you fill the form about your affiliation etc. After we approve the scholarship (and you get an email about it), you will be able to pay discounted rates. Once you get the discounted rates, please pay soon after and complete your registration, so that we know for sure how many scholarships have been claimed and how much more outreach we should do in India among other colleges etc.

Several members from the community are actively participating (Deepak and Akash are co-chairs for VMCAI. Aditya Kanade is co-chair for PLMW, and Ansuman and Raghavan are co-chairs for WEPL. Ramalingam is on the PC, and Supratik, Raghavan and Kapil are on ERC, and I may have missed a few others). Thank you all for your support and see you all at POPL!.

Best regards,
Sriram Rajamani
General Chair POPL 2015, on behalf of POPL 2015 organizers.

One day Workshop on Lean Operations by Mr. Dilip Chaterjee

On Saturday 07 October 2017, 09:30 - 17:30 


For actively involving in the workshop the participants need to know some information about the company they are representing, like A) Design features of their product and what their customers desire to possess in it, know your customer. B) The business problem in their company, as an isolated case or engulfing the entire company. C) The flow process of their business, D) Cost breakup of the product, in general, E) Lead time relevant to your product. F) Performance indicators of their company with respect to process if any, The information need not be accurate; can be approximate, required to formulate an action plan.

Please find the Documents below

R 1 Final Workshop Templete

Location:  CSI-BC Premises, Bangalore.

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One Day Workshop on IoT Application Design Mr. Syam Madanapalli

On Saturday 14 October 2017, 09:30 - 17:30


A laptop with power point is good to have for preparing the IoT Application Design.

Please find the Documents below

Workshop IoT Design

Location:  CSI-BC Premises, Bangalore.

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