Student Branch






The Institution must become Institution member of CSI by paying Rs.5, 000/- [This is for one year. Institutes can take multiple year membership by paying Rs 9,000/13,500/16000 for 2/3/4 years]. Form – I is to be used for this (If applying on or after October 1st, pro-rata membership rates as prescribed in Form – I is payable). Then, the institution is eligible to open 'Student Branch' in their institution, subject to maintenance of a minimum of 75 student members at all times.

Every Academic institutional member is eligible to designate 3 faculty members as free Nominee members (using Form I indicated above). One of the nominees or an existing CSI member among the faculty is to be designated as the Student Branch coordinator (SBC). His details are to be included in Form – III. He will drive all student activities of the student branch and be the main point of contact with CSI. The Institution can also designate more nominees (in addition to the three free nominees). For each additional nominee, they have to pay Rs.800/= per nominee per year.

To open a 'Student Branch', institution must submit 'bulk student membership application form – Form III' which can again be found on our portal. As provided in this form, each student should furnish his personal particulars and sign.

The institution is entitled to retain 1/3 amount of the total fee collected from the student members (For e.g if 100 students are enrolled and pay a total amount of Rs 30,000 @ Rs 300 per head, institute can retain Rs 10,000). This retained amount should be deposited in a separate bank account in the name of "Institution name-student branch-CSI" and spent for legitimate students' branch professional activities. Vide Form-III, additional amount is payable by students, who want a hard copy of our Newsletter – CSI Communications, every month (All students get to read soft copy of CSIC on CSI portal by logging-in with their membership credentials). 1/3 deduction is applicable only to membership fee and not CSIC hard copy subscription amounts, which has to be remitted in full.

The student members list in Excel format is to be attached to the application either by hardcopy or in CD as per the format given in 'bulk student membership application form'. The softcopy of the list (Excel format) is to be e-mailed to " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "

SINGLE BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE is to be submitted as provided in the above application form (form III). This should be signed by the Principal / head of the institute.

SINGLE DEMAND DRAFT / CHEQUE for the total amount (Institutional membership plus total student contribution) payable at Par at Chennai is to be attached with a covering letter specifying Institutional membership period, amount paid for this, no. of student members year-wise with subscription paid by them, one – third deduction on this (if having more than 75 members) and total collections for optional CSIC hard copy. Also payment can be directly made into our AXIS bank S/B A/C No. 082010100395144 without paying any bank commission at an AXIS Bank branch, nearest to you. If payment is made at Axis bank, then a photocopy of 'pay-in-slip' is to be sent along with application. Alternately, a scanned copy of 'pay-in-slip' can be sent by email to " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "

Please write Institution name and address on the reverse of check/draft/pay-in slip.

All documents and payment are to be sent to:

Computer Society of India
Education Directorate
CIT Campus, IV Cross Road
Taramani, Chennai 600113
Ph: +91-44-22541102/03

NB: The fees indicated are subject to change from time to time. Fees vary depending on date of application. For latest fee structure, please visit